Tuesday, October 2, 2012


SM CITY CABUYAO - it's possible, I heard that Sy's vision of having SM Malls in every five minute-distance travel will help raise an SM Mall in Cabuyao. Cabuyao, one of the youngest cities, has no mall since its incorporation, thinking that it became the "Richest Municipality in the Philippines" for the last three consecutive years. The highlighted portion on the map was not really an SM Mall, it is the Cabuyao Commercial Center (CCC), a three-storey commercial building built and operated decades ago. It had Cabuyao Grocery Store, a Jollibee branch, Chowking, an arcade upstairs and three cinema houses on third floor. I remember when I was a little kid, it was my first time to watch a movie on a cinema house in CCC, Cedie was the movie on the silver screen. LOL. But now it is still standing, but not operating anymore. The green fences covering the whole structure indicates nothing on what will the commercial building be in the future. Only rumors. Rumors say that Sy already bought it to redevelop, but there's still no fact about the rumor. But wether it will be developed to become an SM Mall, or a Hypermarket or SaveMore, it will still be the old Cabuyao Commercial Center in the hearts of Cabuyeños who had been served by it long time ago.