Friday, May 22, 2009

It's been a long time..

It's nice to be back here in Blogger! Whoa, for a long period of time, I'm here again updating and editing my previous posts and posting new blogs.. It's been a long time since my last blog was posted here, actually it's not yet finished as you can see the next article next to this, it was a story I'd created based on one of my favorite songs of the band "Heart". It is written in Tagalog since it was a project I'm forced to submit in order for my grade's sake. You know what? It is categorized as Maikling Kwento but that story was not short actually, some of my groupmates asked me if I was supposed to do a novel while I was writing it, but I answered them kiddingly "it has no chapters that's why it cannot be categorized as a novel, just pretend that it is short though it's not.." I was then cramming because the date of submission is coming but the story was not yet finished (I didn't know actually how to finish that story that time) so I'd posted it here unfinished. When all of our stories were about to print, I'd told our leader that my story is posted here so she will be the one to copy it to be printed, it is because it was not finished yet, I hurrily finished it by writing the finishing part on a separate sheet of paper and gave it to our leader for her to include, finish and print. But sadly, I didn't have time to post the last part here, because when she returned to me the paper that includes the last part, it's missing, I can't remember where I had put it, that's why that story is remained unfinished from the time it was posted. That's the story behind the unfinished story of mine, how sad.

Actually, this article is not all about that unfinished story. I just include all about that story to make this article long (laughing). By the way, I'm back! but nobody here in the site welcomes me, just kidding. For a long time of interval from my last post up to my newest post, I'd really missed a lot, things, happenings, news, articles, trivias, stories and other features that I can share and make an article about to be posted here. I had have things in my mind like stories and articles to share about by posting here but they're all remained drafts, nothing is shared, nothing is posted.

But now that I'm back, I will try to recall all those things in my mind and I will post them here. I will now continue posting blogs, writing articles, and sharing stories here. I will keep everything here be updated, I will not promise but I'll do everything for it.

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