Monday, May 25, 2009

A Letter to a Wikipedian Friend

May 24, 2009

Hi (I will not mention HIS username),

I AM into editing and updating articles about [[Cabuyao, Laguna]].

How am I able to put some [[inline citations]] to that page? In order for YOU not to put tags on it, tagging more/no footnotes, very long and whatever.

I swear that I'm not creating and inventing my own words and information about that article, I have lots of sources proving that all of the informations I put there are all true and verifiable. I know that you are wandering, wandering about all the information I always keep on putting there. But I'm just amateur, a beginner in Wikipedia, who just wants the goodness of my hometown's article.

So please, I'm in need of your help.. Please help me to improve my skills in editing Cabuyao, Laguna's article. I know that it's too long.. Please help me summarize it but not into deleting what I have done. I know that it has no footnotes and in need of inline citations, but I don't know what will and should I do..

You, as an intelligent and expert Wikipedian, I repeat, I'm in need of your Big Help, so please help me..

Again, my intention of editing that article, without considering that I'm just a beginner, is the goodness and improvement of my Hometown's (Cabuyao, Laguna) article, and nothing bad and wrong is my intent..

Thank You very much friend.. (I called you friend -even without introducing first myself- because we're both Wikipedian.. I know that we can be good friends someday)

Sincerely yours,

[[Othanwiki2009]] of [[Mamatid|Brgy. Mamatid]], [[Cabuyao, Laguna]]

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