Friday, July 16, 2010



A very controversial question of the season..

Is there anything wrong of planning things which supposed to be done next month??

Is it too much excitement when you are already starting a project to be submitted next month??

My answer is a big "NO!"

There's nothing wrong of planning things early, as long as you are very concerned and determined to do that thing.

It is not excitement when you already start a project one-month early before the submission, as long as you have the eagerness to do it.

My question is...

Can you do a Big Project for just a minute?

or even finish it overnight?

Can you have a 5-minute interpretative dance performance making it only for one day?

having a 24-hour enough practice?

That's impossible...

So if I were you, I will already plan for the things next month..

and don't be so proud that you have a superpower to do big things in just a second...

Be happy that there are people concerned, planning a business not only for the benefit of themselves but for the benefit of you...

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