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Buti nlang 12pm pa pasok ko knina..kaya naabutan ko na namn ang isa sa mga paborito kong cartoons na Grimm’s Fairy Tales..

ang title kanina ay “NINONG KAMATAYAN” sounds interesting and exciting, kaya instead na maligo na ako…pinanood ko muna…as the story goes on..parang nagiging familiar na sakin yung story..and I remember na na-role play n pla namin yun nung Highschool..at bigla kong naalala yung english title nya na GODFATHER DEATH…

The story is all about a young boy, who is poor since birth and without his thought..his father made an agreement with Death to be his Godfather of and whatever he wishes will be granted by him as his Godfather..The boy dreams to become a doctor not only to earn money but to help poor sick people to live longer and not to be like what happened to his family. Death grants his wish and he became a famous doctor through giving herbal tea to sick people according to the instruction of his Godfather. But, if he sees Death at the bottom of the bed of his patient during his treatment, he will not treat the patient and he will declare the patient’s death immediately and Death will take the soul..

Here is the full story…(my nose is bleeding already..lol)

A poor man has twelve children, and works just hard enough to feed each of them every day. When his thirteenth child was born, the man decided to find a godfather for this child. So he runs out into the highway, and found God walking on the highway. God asked to be the godfather, promising the child health and happiness. The man, after finding out that the man was God, declined, saying that God condoned poverty, and was ignorant that God rewards suffering in Heaven. Then the man met the Devil on the highway. The Devil then asked to be the godfather, offering the child gold and the worlds joys. The man, after finding out that the man was the Devil, declined, saying that the Devil deceives mankind.

The man, still walking down the highway, meets Death. The man decides to make Death the child’s godfather, saying that Death takes away the rich and the poor, without discrimination. The next Sunday, Death became the child’s godfather.

When the boy came of age, Death appeared to him and lead him into the woods, where special herbs grew. There, Death promised the boy to make him a famous physician. Death then explained that whenever the boy would visit an ill person, Death would appear next to the sick one. If Death stands at the persons head, that person is to be given the special herb found in the forest, and cured. But, if Death appears at the persons feet, any treatment on them would be useless, as they would soon die.

The boy soon becomes famous, just as Death had foreseen, and received plenty of gold for his amazing ability to see whether a person would live or die. Soon, the king of all the lands became ill, and sent for this famous physician.

When the physician went to see the king, he noticed immediately Death standing at the foot of the king’s bed. The physician felt pity for the king, and decided to trick Death. The physician then turned the king in his bed so that Death was over his head, and gave him the herb to eat. This healed the king, and sped his recovery.

Soon after, Death approached the physician, expressing his anger for tricking him and disobeying Death’s rules. But because the physician was Death’s godchild, he did not punish him. Death then warned the physician that if he was to ever trick Death again, he would take the physician’s life.

Not much later, the king’s daughter became ill as well, and the physician went to see her as well. It was there that the king promised his daughter’s hand in marriage and inherit the crown if he was to cure her. When the physician visited the princess, he saw Death at her feet. But the physician ignored this, as he was captivated by the princess’s beauty and thoughts of being her husband. He then turned the princess so that Death was at her head, then fed her the herb.

Just as the princess was coming around, Death grasped the physician by the arm and dragged him to an underground cavern. In this cave were thousands upon thousands of candles, each melted at different lengths. Death explained that the length of the candle showed how much longer a person has to live. When Death showed the physician his candle, he noticed that it was very short, showing that he didn’t have much longer to live.

The physician pleaded with his godfather to light a new candle for him, so that he may live a happy life as king and husband to the beautiful princess. Death reconsidered, and gathered a new candle to pass the flame of his godchild.

Just as he was going to light the new candle, Death took his revenge on the physician by letting the flame of the first candle fall. As soon as the candle extinguished, the physician fell to the ground, dead.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godfather_Death

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