Saturday, July 14, 2007

How to be a GOOD LEADER

"Anyone who wants to be great among you, must be your servant, and anyone who wants to be first among you must be your slave."
Matthew 20:27-28

It means that if you want to be a leader, you should learn how to follow first, you should also think and look upon your skills if you are qualified to be and last, you should be reminded that being a leader has great responsibility than a simple follower of course. But, by the way, I am not pressuring you about that if you are dreaming to be a leader someday but all that i want is for you to know and understand the characteristics and quailities that a good leader should have.

Anyoine or each of one of us can be a leader, a leader of an institution, a group or even the leader of our country Philippines but i am pertaining to a "Good Leader" that we are wishing and hoping to be the one that will make our country newly industrialized and more progressive one. But what are the characteristics and qualities that a good leader should have? Am I qualified? Can I say that I can be a Good Leader someday? The first characteristics that a good leader should have is the quality of being responsible in everything. aA good leader can make or finish his/her work well if he/she is responsible. Speaking of responsible, the responsibilities of a good leader can be said into three: first, to do your role as a leader, second, to take good care of your people, and last, to serve as a good model to everyone. After knowing the three responsibilities, bear in mind that you should be responsible of that. The second one is to have a self confidence. Self Confidence is one of the quality that a good leader may have. A Leader cannot talk, announce or proclaim in the front of a large number of people if he/she do not possess self-confidence. So you should be confident always don't be shy, be consistent of your position. You should also be loyal and honest those are the third characteristics. Being loyal in your work and in everything will help you make your people trust you. And finally, the fourth characteristic, you should be a good follower of Christ, being a God-centered and God-feared that's the most important. God is always there for you, always watching you, he will never leave you just don't forget to pray and give thank to him.

Just like what I've mentioned about the responsibilities of a Good Leader, the first responsibility is to do your work and your role as a leader, the second one is to take good care of your people of course you should do that, and last is to serve as a model, a good model to everyone. So by doing all of that and by developing with you those characteristics will help you make and qualify yourself as a Good Leader.

This Speech was based on what i have learned on the Leadership Training that I attended ( September 7-8-9 last year at Liceo de Pila Elementary Department, Pila Laguna). The memories, experiences and learnings on that time will still remain here in my heart and i will never forget that, as years goes by....

Informative Speech By:
Jonathan M. Hinagpis
( IV-A St. Rita SY:2006-07 )

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