Sunday, October 5, 2008

Morning, Noon and Nighttime

Early morning sunshine,
pushing soft against my head..

Wondrin' what you're doing,
Thinkin' why you're gone away..

Happy kinda' sad,
I'm on my way,
starting the day..

Morning, Noon and Nighttime
I still think of you..

Morning, Noon and Nighttime
I wanna be with you..

Morning, noon and Nighttime
you are always on my mind..

I can only dream if I can dream right here with you,
I can only smile if I can smile right here with you..

I can only live if I can live right here with you,
In your arms..

Sleeping at my coffee,
at the middle of the day..

Thinkin' what you're doing,
Wondrin' why you went away..

Morning, Noon and Nighttime..

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